Switch off, unplug and get outside!

We believe that experiences shouldn’t be played out through Facebook or Instagram feeds, they should be lived, breathed and relished. Technology is moving at lightening speed and with iPads, computers and TVs taking up more and more time, we are spending an incredible amount of time indoors.

Bask Picnic Rugs was inspired by The Wild Network which aims to get kids outside playing, learning, exploring and roaming. There are many complex reasons why our kids are spending less time outdoors, but the negative impacts of a sedentary lifestyle are too great to ignore.

But we believe it’s not just kids who need more outdoor time. Many adults can easily go an entire day (or an entire week!) without spending any time outdoors. With the creep of smart phones into our daily life we are never truly switched off from the world. When was the last time you unplugged from the world and knew with 100% certainty that you wouldn’t be interrupted by a call, text message or Facebook update?

At Bask we’re on a mission to get kids and adults alike outside and spending more time exploring the wonderful world of nature. For us, a picnic is an opportunity to enjoy the best things in life. It’s an opportunity to catch up with friends, drink and eat great food, connect with the outdoors and let go of all the unimportant and stressful things in our lives.

It’s our hope that one of our picnic blankets will enrich your life and help you to collect a some beautiful memories that you will cherish in the future.

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